Frequently asked questions

What are the RINGLEADER game specs?

The board game is at or above the quality you will find in big box store carrying the traditional board games. The Ringleader says “a quality product is key when doing business”!

GAME BOX- 10.5”x10.5”x2.5”. 800 gsm chip board laminated with 128 gsm paper stock.

PLAYER BOARDS- 10, 1.5mm chip board laminated with128 gsm paper stock.

DRAWING CARDS (Hook Up & Hook Down cards)- 1 Hook Up deck(55 cards) & 1 Hook Down deck(31 cards), 3”x3” rounded corners, printed on 210 gsm card stock.

ASSET CERTIFICATES- 65 slips (5 of each asset) 3”x3” square corners printed on 80 gsm paper stock.

CASH- 217 slips (31 of 7 denominations) 3”x3” square corners printed on 80 gsm paper stock.

PRODUCTS- 161 slips of different products and denominations. 3”x3” square corners printed on 80 gsm paper stock.

GAME PAWNS- 5 game pawns made of plastic.

DICE- 2, 16mm white dice with square corners.

INSTRUCTIONS- 1, 10”x10” sheet printed on 100 gsm paper stock.

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT- 1, 10”X10” card printed on 200 gsm card stock.

What is the difference between Ringleader, Ringleader 2 and Ringleader Street Hustler?

Ringleader Street Hustler is a 6 in 1 game set that includes: Ringleader playing cards, 4- 19mm dice (2 red, 2 blue), Ringleader dominos, 100 clay poker chips (25 green, 25 yellow, 25 blue, 25 purple), and instructions to 6 different games commonly played in the streets. In the story it is said that the Ringleader got the cash to start dealing & smuggling by using the contents of this bag…

Ringleader is the original board game containing everything listed in question number 1. It is a roll & move style of play with many strategy options. In the story it is said that once the Ringleader hustled up enough cash to start dealing & smuggling, it wasn’t long before the next Ringleader was born…

Ringleader-2 is a war game with a roll & move side, and a free range side as well. This is also a strategy game with territory building. You are fighting the other players to gain control of every block in The Streets. The story says there was only room for one Ringleader. So a war broke out in The Streets and the final Ringleader was crowned…

When does Ringleader 2 get released?

Ringleader 2 is going to be released late 2019. Get ready for war!

Is this game appropriate for all ages?

A game about smuggling various types of drug may not be for everyone. We can assure you that all who have played have had fun with it! The content is of a underworld nature but there is no vulgar language, no pornographic images or language, & no gore or blood images.

What is the RINGLEADER Stash House Series?

The RINGLEADER Stash House Series is made up of multiple items to secretly stash your valuables in plain sight.

Do you have wholesale options?

Yes, there is wholesale options only for the games. You must be a registered businesses. Contact Thirteen Towers LLC at thirteentowers13@gmail.com to receive pricing & personal contact info.

What are your return & refund policies?

We strive to have great customer. We have made sure our products are at, or above industry standards.

If there was a manufacturing error, a shipping problem, or even our own mistake, we will correct the issue free of charge.

If for any reason you decide that you do not want a product of ours, you may return it. The entire product must be unopened. Simply send the merchandise back using the carrier of your choice. Make sure to get a tracking number for your return package. You will receive your refund once we have received the returning product.

If a product has been opened in any way, it can not be returned.