Every player starts the game as a low level street dealer looking to become the next RINGLEADER. The game is played with two dice (one if you land yourself in prison) and you start with $13k at your Stash House in THE STREETS. Move into The Streets and begin building your Empire and trying to become the next RINGLEADER! The game accommodates up to 5 players, and takes about an hour per player to play. You will use Boat Docks and Airports to smuggle and/or travel. The Supplier squares on the boards allow any player to purchase any listed product for the listed price. The Buyer squares on the boards allow any player to sell their products for the listed price for large profits. The HOOK UP cards are for you to save and use when the time is right. HOOK UP cards can get you where you are going much faster! HOOK DOWN cards are always going to cost you time & Cash. You will move around THE STREETS until you have made enough cash to move your operations to HIGH SOCIETY. Operating in HIGH SOCIETY will help get you ready for funding international deals. Once you are operating on an international level you will start traveling the world completing all the necessary deals to win the game. Throughout the game you will be purchasing assets from the EMPIRE LIST to add to your Empire. These assets allow you many different things throughout the game. There is no order to buy & sell your products or what board you must travel to. You are free to do things your way! BE SURE NOT TO OVER SPEND...IF YOU CAN'T PAY, YOU CAN'T PLAY! Please refer to the provided instructions for more in depth clarification.




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